Our Programs

Academy Pittsburgh’s Developer Bootcamp and Digital Marketing Bootcamp are diploma-based programs that prepares students to enter the technology workforce in a variety of entry level positions.

Why Academy?

At Academy, learn the skills you need to teach yourself to code. Work collaboratively with like-minded individuals and top-tier instructors. ISA options allow students to pursue instruction with no upfront tuition costs in a diverse classroom setting.


Coding for All

Half of the seats in each class are reserved for people underrepresented in tech.


No upfront tuition cost

Academy's Income Share Agreement (ISA) funding options mean no tuition fees until after you start your new career.


Learn and Connect

Learn to code Ruby, C#, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and more through project-based learning and gain connections to the larger tech community in Pittsburgh.

Meet our Graduates

We've had quite a few incredible students pass through our doors over the years. Here's a small cross-section of some of our amazing graduates and what they've been up to since Academy.


Dig deeper into our syllabus and see what you'll encounter on a week-by-week basis as an Academy student.

Developer Bootcamp Course
Digital Marketing COURse

Meet our Instructors

Get to know our experienced coding instructors.

Jean Lange


Jean worked as a dev for 12 years and often found herself teaching, then jumped at the chance to come work for Academy Pittsburgh in the spring of 2019. She loves Ruby, testing, git, retrospectives, and helping people figure out how to get [over|under|around|through|past] problems.

John Lange

Director / Instructor

John worked in the tech industry for over 20 years before starting Academy Pittsburgh. He generally works in C# and JavaScript, but is also happy working in whatever language someone wants to work in. He doesn't get mad at computers, but sometimes he is very disappointed.

Application Process

Ready to apply? Here's a step-by-step breakdown of what comes next.


Read our sample participation agreement.

Before applying, make sure you understand and accept all of the expectations, terms and conditions explained on this page. Be sure that you review, our sample participation agreement. If you are admitted into the next session you will have to sign a similar document, though the terms and conditions of participation may differ. A completed application creates no binding agreement between potential participant and Academy Pittsburgh, LLC.


Fill out the application.

We'll ask you for basic demographic information, financial need, and all the other basic information you might expect. The application includes logic questions, as well as uploads to Github and YouTube. Don't worry, you can save your progress and don't have to complete the whole thing all at once.


Schedule an in-person interview.

Thanks for applying! We'll be in touch in a few days' time, and may ask you to schedule an in-person interview.


Start your rewarding new career training.

Congratulations, you made it!  Tell your friends and loved ones and get ready for some of the most transformative weeks of your life.

Income Share Agreement

Academy Pittsburgh uses ISAs in order to allow more and different people to pursue a career in tech while growing Pittsburgh’s emerging technology industry. Don't pay tuition fees until after you've secured a new career. Our program includes protections including a minimum income threshold equivalent that must be met before payback is required, as well as a maximum time window that ends the obligation even if less than the initial funding amount was paid back.


Have further questions? We're happy to hear from you, but first, see if your question is already answered below.

Do you offer remote classes?

Yes - but only during the pandemic! We are licensed as an in-person school. Right now, we have a temporary dispensation to offer classes remotely. If the case count goes down enough for the Department of Education to approve in-person classes, we may have some optional in-person parts to it. After the pandemic dispensation ends, we'll return to in-person classes.

How can I learn more?

Send us an email. Sit in on a class. Talk to a graduate. Attend an open house, workshop, or networking event. We want to answer whatever questions you might have, and are happy to arrange a visit or call with our staff or alumni. Start by contacting info [at] academypgh.com, and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.

Do you offer any night or weekend classes?

Our digital marketing bootcamp sessions are run on a flexible nights and weekend schedule. Our developer bootcamp is currently full time only, but we are looking into the feasibility of launching night and/or weekend sessions for all programs. Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in attending, so that we can better gauge interest and inform anyone interested when it begins.

Why Academy? Why not another bootcamp?

Academy Pittsburgh is locally owned and operated by Pittsburgh residents with decades of experience and connections to the region's tech community. Thanks to an affiliation we have with Work Hard Pittsburgh, our students have an opportunity for freelance jobs immediately upon graduation. Moreover, we care about each and every one of our students, personally and professionally, and we genuinely want them to succeed.

How successful have your graduates been?

Over 80% of our graduates have been hired, with an average starting salary over $55 thousand dollars.

Why do you teach the things you teach?

At Academy, we teach students how to teach themselves to learn, so that they can master new skills in the future as technologies and preferences evolve. The specific skills we teach are based on the hiring demands of employers in the Pittsburgh region. In essence, we teach an array of what's in-demand, allowing for an easier transition into the real world workplace.

How can I pay for Academy? What's the cost?

Students may elect to pay a one time upfront tuition cost (varies by program) to attend Academy. As an alternative, students can agree to an income share agreement (ISA) of 10% of the participant’s post-program gross income (based on a minimum income threshold) paid on a monthly basis. Enrolled students may also be eligible to apply for federal tuition funding through a displaced workers program run by PA Careerlink and Partner4Work. Get in touch with us with your questions about specific funding or more information on our ISA model.