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Academy Pittsburgh@AcademyPGH provides condensed and practical technology skill building that fills gaps in our region’s freelance, business, startup, and nonprofit talent pools. Sessions are created to service the objectives of partner organizations including, but not limited to, creating a more impactful and inclusive technology ecosystem.

Get Full Stack Front-end Web Development Skills

Fall Session, #AcademyPGH4 starts September 18th, 2017

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Get real world experience in Ruby, C#, Javascript, and HTML/CSS through project-based learning that not only has outcomes for the region’s independent workers but also builds capacity for nonprofits and startups. Our open source curriculum was created with input from some of the region’s most influential educators, corporate leaders, and human resources professionals to ensure that it meets market demand.

Sessions will be taught in the centrally located Allentown neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

  • Academy Pittsburgh’s sessions are free to qualified candidates. 
  • Each Academy Pittsburgh session is unique, and is created to meet the needs of its sponsor(s).
  • Academy Pittsburgh gives priority to people from groups underrepresented in tech including women, minorities, refugees, and veterans.

Upcoming Sessions

Front End Boot Camp

Starts September 18th, 2017
Monday through Thursday 9AM – 5PM, Friday 9AM-Noon

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John Lange

Academy Pittsburgh’s code bootcamp is focused on a single goal:Give more and different kinds of people the skills they need to better serve the Pittsburgh’s region.

To best reach this goal, our 12 week bootcamp uses multiple languages to help participants understand development on a fundamental level rather than focusing on syntax. Participants that complete our 12 week boot camp,  are not just Rails developers or .Net developers – they are developers ready to build applications and websites in any industry.

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The class is structured in three major sections:

  • Development basics: C#, Ruby, TDD, and Git
  • Frameworks and APIs: MVC, Rails, Databases
  • Web development: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Angular

Throughout the bootcamp, participants are immersed in a healthy development culture where they will practice agile methodology, continuous deployment, code review, pair programming, communication, and more. By the end of Academy Pittsburgh’s session, participants have the skills necessary to fill any junior-level web developer’s work load.

Total Course Time

480 Hours


  • Participants of #AcademyPGH4 agree to pay staffing fees upon successful job placement. Read more about this fee here.

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Impact & Community

Academy Pittsburgh provides meaningful skill building opportunities to more and different kinds of people looking for economic advantage and personal growth. Our boot camp sessions, methodology, and partnerships focus on delivering practical value to a community and corporate partners as we help grow the region’s technology ecosystem.

Academy Pittsburgh’s mission is to give back and strengthen the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. A portion of our profits are directed into an impact investment fund to help seed the next round of innovation. Academy Pittsburgh does not charge tuition to our boot camp participants.  Academy Pittsburgh does charge staffing fees to participants who secure jobs as a result of the training that they receive. More info about those fees can be found here. Each session of our 12 week boot camp wraps with a service project for local nonprofits.

Paying It Forward

50% of Profit Directed to Local Startups

Fully Scholarshiped

Priority Given to Women, Minorities, & Veterans

Final Project Work

Services Regional Nonprofits

Go Team!

Academy Pittsburgh is organized by Looking for Group and Work Hard Pittsburgh.




Academy Pittsburgh would not exist without the gracious support of these organizations that have given time, talent, treasure, and perspective. Visit their website, patronize their stores, and help us express our gratitude for their continued support.

Important Legal You Should Read

Academy Pittsburgh boot camp participants understand all of the following: AP is a facilitator for the information that you will receive in the sessions, based upon a specific set of task completions requested by the session Sponsor.  Although you may improve your abilities by attending the informational sessions, AP does not represent or warrant that your abilities will improve, or that you will be additionally qualified for employment.  AP’s time is compensated exclusively by the Sponsor. There is no fee for your attendance, nor will you receive any compensation for your attendance; attendance is voluntary for so long as you choose to attend.  No employment or other opportunities are represented or warranted, either with AP or the Sponsor (or anyone else).  If there are opportunities that result from your attendance, you understand that those opportunities would be incidental.  You understand that any information regarding the Sponsor or the Sponsor’s requirements or other information is strictly confidential, and you may need to sign a confidentiality with AP and/or the Sponsor.  You understand and consent that your attendance, subjective evaluations and any testing results may be disclosed to the Sponsor, solely for the Sponsor’s evaluation of the session conditions and you release AP from making any such disclosures.  You will be asked to sign AP’s session participation agreement prior to attending the session.